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Welcome to our facilities. 

RowanOak Training Center and Hot Spring Resort by RowanWolves

Head Trainer: Rowan Oakley

Gym Leader: Rowan Oakley

Elite Four Member: Rowan Oakley

Assistants: Opal Langly and Loki Oakley

Our gym is now finished and the lay out can be seen below. We are taking challengers at this time.  The terrain is terraformed, a thick forested area inside our main building. There is a nice spacious clearing for those challengers to take on our leader. See our map above for details on the lay out of our Training Center. 

RowanOak Gym Interior Map by RowanWolves

Gym Challenges are OPEN
Training Battles are OPEN
Elite Four Challenges are CLOSED
RowanOak Gym Badge by RowanWolves
We offer a space for trainers to come and take part in our training workshops as well as a lovely resort and hot spring area for you to take some time off and get to know your pokemon a bit better. 

Pokemon Onsite:

Female Natu "Zen" lvl. 17 parpg
Male Spheal "Ozone" lvl. 2 parpg
Female Doduo "Tyraid" lvl. 2 parpg
Male Squirtle "Kenna" lvl. 2 parpg
Female Shiny Fennekin "Jay" lvl. 6 parpg
Female Gastly "Lydea" lvl. 2 parpg
Female Eevee "Chase" lvl. 2 parpg
Male Eevee "Evelyn" lvl. 41 pokemonarchy
Female Arcanine "Saffire" lvl. 2 pokemonarchy
Female Oddish "Tonks" lvl. 22 pokemonarchy
Male Zubat "Embry" lvl. 5 pokemonarchy
Male Milotic "Remy" lvl. 2 pokemonarchy
Female Igglybuff "Ziggy" lvl. 2 pokemonarchy
Female Skitty "Kelen" lvl. 12 pokemonarchy
Female Shuppet "Teasel" lvl. 2 pokemonarchy
Male Sneasel "Icarus" lvl. 2 pokemonarchy
Male Gible "Bite" lvl. 2 pokemonarchy
Female Smoochum "Jamie" lvl. 2 pokemonarchy
Female Shiny Eevee "Blaize" lvl. 2 pokemonarchy
Female Sphedaquil "Eiki" lvl. 4 pokemonarchy
Female Swablu "Aria" lvl. 2 pokemonarchy

Evenlyn -Pokemonarchy- by RowanWolvesTonks -Pokemonarchy- by RowanWolvesZen -PARPG- by RowanWolvesOzone -PARPG- by RowanWolvesEmbry -Pokemonarchy- by RowanWolvesTeasel -PARPG- by RowanWolvesLydea -PARPG- by RowanWolvesTyraid -PARPG- by RowanWolvesKelen -Pokemonarchy- by RowanWolvesEiki -Pokemonarchy- by RowanWolves
(This is just for me to easily access)
Gender Species -Nickname-
Moves to Learn:
As First Evo:
As Second Evo:
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